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Mackenzie rose

ally bat

More comfortable upside down, Ally naturally gravitated toward aerial arts. She began her love affair with the dance trapeze in 2014 and has trained in lyra, trapeze, cloud swing, and silks in Toronto, Brooklyn, Vancouver, Mexico, and now currently in Nelson, BC.  Ally pushes herself to dive deeper into self-exploration and growth through movement; she has studied acro yoga, yin yoga, reiki, and is a black belt in Karate. The Insomniacs give Ally opportunity to make visions into reality and a place to utilize her Costuming certificate. Ally is dedicated to the art of theatre and through training, performing and production, she finds that sweet freedom she seeks.



Glynis is a local performer, choreographer and dance educator. Growing up in Revelstoke, where she began her dancing, theatre and teaching career, she continued on to train and perform in places such as Switzerland, Edmonton and Vancouver where she grew into a dynamic and creative artist. Now a Nelson resident, Glynis teaches and at Slava Doval's Dancefusion and has opened up her own dance studio in Kaslo B.C. Glynis continues to perform with various groups and diversify her training through circus and gymnastic pursuits.

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Often thought of as an earthbound mermaid, unicorn, or other enchanted creature, Luna is best known for her presence on stage with hula hoops, fire, silk fans and more. Luna lures in audiences with her undeniable magnetism, and it's clear to see why she is easily mistaken for a character out of a story book. 
Luna adores her fellow dancers and is proud to be an Insomniac. She loves creating unique pieces and can't wait for the next fable to unfold!





Renee is a long time Kootenay local who began her dance journey in her home town of Fernie BC. This mountain baby has always had a theatrical flare so it was no surprise to anyone when she discovered she felt most at home in the dance studio and on stage. Once she started dancing there was no stopping her and she grew up training, predominantly in jazz and ballet but she also discovered a strong love of theatre. She moved to Nelson and began performing with the Circus Acts soon after, they opened her eyes to a whole new world of performing arts. She continues to take dance classes to further her learning and has dabbled in belly dance and burlesque. Being able to combine her love of movement, theatrics, and adventure makes this Insomniac grateful that she ran away with the circus, and never looked back. 

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Petunia rae


Jenni lane

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Carly is a senior pyrotechnican and outdoor fireworks supervisor who has always been drawn to the magical world of performance and fire. She was a performer in a travelling circus in her youth and a pyrotechnician ever since she was able to get her license at 18. Her main focus has been in the live event industry working on large-scale festivals, award shows, extreme motorsports events, professional rodeo, NHL and CFL across Canada and Nevada. She now lives in Nelson, BC and has found family and creativity working with the Circus Acts Insomniacs developing new effects, fire props and managing fire safety.